Calming the Stress Storm

Presentation Day.

Job Interview.

Team Project.


It starts with the nervous butterflies in your stomach, spreading to the rest of your body and your hands begin to shake. There is a roaring in your ears, both blocking out and amplifying the sounds around you. You’re looking for a way out, wishing it would all just stop.

Phew, take a breath. In and Out.

And in a matter of seconds run through the 3 secrets you learn in this mini-workshop.

Calm your mind, block out the crazy energy and find your words, painting a different picture of your situation.


There are a million and one reasons our human body experiences stress, creating adrenaline. If your life is actually in danger, think Saber Tooth Tiger finding your cave, adrenaline can give you super strength and abilities, saving your life.

Now, what happens when adrenaline fires without a Saber Tooth Tiger present? How can you use this normal, neutral, natural fuel to move you forward? While you and your neighbour experience stress differently, the science is the same, making it possible to learn In The Moment techniques for flowing with the adrenaline and using it to fuel your journey.


Ace that Presentation.

Be yourself and professional at your job interview.

Stay calm and collected during conflict with team members.

Speak up with confidence.

Invest in Yourself and Learn How To:

1. Use the science of adrenaline as an asset in your life

2. Build confidence and take control of your experience In The Moment

3. Calm your experience of your stress response with the 3 Secrets 

Your Investment - Time.

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Complimentary Workshop For Your Group

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