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Where Shannon's Been:

Career Buzz Radio Interview - November 22, 2017

Great time hanging out with my friend and radio host Shellie Deloyer today for my first radio interview! Take a listen to this 28 minute radio interview for a sneak peak of Creating Your Complete Career including Mentorship, Choosing Your Path and Dy-mystifying 'Uncomfortable'.

CareerBuzz is a radio program that "empowers lives, enriches careers and energizes organizations". To listen to next weeks show check out their website!

Enginella Interview - November 15, 2017

Super fun evening spent on the set of Enginella being interviewed for the show! Public screening will be in January 2018!

(My photo & video coming soon)

Enginella is a TV series being produced by 4th Year students at Ryerson University. Their goal it to "spark an interest in engineering for young girls and to encourage creative thinking and teamwork". At the end of each episode they feature engineering professionals to talk about real world applications of the project Ella did in the episode, and I'm one of them! Here's the trailer:

Smash Stress for Peak Performance - November 4, 2017

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The nervous butterflies hit your stomach; everyone’s talking at once and asking questions. All you can see is a bunch of things to do with no time to get it all done, the competition is about to begin! Listen to this clip for sneak peak!

This excerpt is from a talk I delivered for FIRST Robotics participants at SWATPosium hosted by St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School on November 4, 2017.