One-on-One with Shannon

Does the idea of group coaching make you uncomfortable?

Are opportunities whistling by, faster than you can think them through?

Is it now or never to re-paint your vision of the future?

Than let's work together one-on-one! The options are flexible ranging from a few quick hours to a multi-session package where I guarantee your results in writing!

Where are you searching for more Magic?

Academic Magic!

You are destined to Change the World!

And first you have to pass that exam, write that paper, deliver that presentation. Augh. Feels like such a waste of time.

How can you make a change, you wonder? Simple, learn how your body processes information. Not how your mom does, or your friend. You. And paint a new picture of less time studying and improved grades.

And get time back to Changing the World!

Graduated? Congratulations! Now you can apply these skills to learning product specifications, reading reports, absorbing information at seminars... Academic learning continues and the neutral How's To skills covered in this program still apply 🙂

Magical Balance!

Balance... dun dun duuuunnnnnnn.

Is it possible? Can you imagine how it would feel to have ever aspect of your life work together in harmony?

Listen, Listen, Listen!

It is possible! You just need the steps of How to do it.

Bring a vision of your ideal life and learn the process of what to do to make that vision a reality!

Career Magic!

So, what do you do?

Cue pit in your stomach as you begin searching for the words to answer this constant question. As you hear yourself go through the options, are any of them truly correct? Or do they all sound like something is missing?

Now is the time to find that missing piece and bring Joy into your work.

During this multi-session program the focus is on You. Why You are here, how you can have the best career for You and what steps to take to get there Now!

Which will it be?

Book a Talk with Shannon and state which flavour you're most interested in and we'll determine if its the best fit for you. Working one-on-one isn't for everyone, so first step is to make sure its right for you. 

2018 Bonus: Each individual program will be offered at the group rates until the group program launches! Limit of 3 people per program. 

Choose?!? How are you supposed to know?

Thoroughly confused? None of those options sound right? You just know things need to change, and they need to change now? 

Book Your Talk with Shannon. Working One-on-One gives us the flexibility to tailor our time to your exact needs and cover all three areas and more as needed.