Engineering Your Magical Life TM

Bringing in Balance

Group Program


Online Program - coming soon!

Have you ever gone to an event and been completely motivated!

So excited you call someone so you can tell them all about your new plan's, direction and awesomeness!

Then you get home and realize you have no idea How to do any of the things you’re now excited for?

The people at the event talked about your problem, even painted a new picture of how things could be… and then left you hanging on How to get there yourself.

Enter the Engineering Your Magical Life™ Program Suite.

Each program is tailored to a specific challenge, stumbling block, issues, hurdle, etc. with the focus on How to move over / through / around until it becomes a speck of dust in your rear-view mirror.

Thinking it can’t be that simple? Sure that a program that answers your questions doesn’t exist? See for yourself at Engineering Your Magical Life™: An IntroductionDuring this one-day event you will get a taste of the 'How To' secrets covered across the EML Program Suite. 

Get ready a fun filled, party of a day packed with How To's for you to do the doing!

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